CircusFit Dynamic Aerial Yoga Level 1 - Instructor Training Manual

This document is a step by step learning pack with all the information you need to become prepared for a CircusFit Dynamic Aerial Yoga Level 1 Instructor Training course.

The manual is exactly the same as you would receive on the face to face course.

If you live abroad but would like access to this document full of innovative methods and valuable information, please email with information on your current qualifications and teaching background.

This is not an online course, you do not receive a certificate of completion.

If you attend a face to face CircusFit Dynamic Aerial Yoga Level 1 teacher training course in the future you will pay the outstanding balance of £195 to top up to the full course fees, and then you will be able to achieve your certification.

Once you have ordered the manual it will arrive via email as a e-document.

Please email any questions to:

Manual Only CF Dynamic Aerial Yoga Level 1

  • Fully comprehensive Level 1 CircusFit Aerial Yoga Instructor Training course enabling you to deliver safe, fun and effective CircusFit Aerial Yoga classes, including how to set up an Aerial Yoga studio, modifications for all populations, how to correctly spot your participants, lesson plans, full manual containing hundreds of exercises, and instructional videos.

    Pre-requisites, one or more of the following:
    Yoga qualification/Fitness Level 2 or ETM/Aerial conditioning experience/Circus aerial arts experience.

    Training includes access to online instructor support, mentoring, class shadowing, teaching opportunities and pathway for further training.

    If you are not sure if this is a suitable course for you direct your questions to: