F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Of 'The Pearl Fishers' aerial harness stunts, and puppeteered ocean, featuring Hester. This role is Hester's first employment at the ENO, London Coliseum.


"As the overture plays this production offers its most visually arresting moment, with a shimmering blue gauze giving an underwater feel and divers on wires plunging from above, their movements followed by digitally projected bubbles. This combination of technology, clever lighting and good old-fashioned stagecraft creates another stunning effect at the end of Act II as a billowing black satin sea merges with projected waves to engulf the stage."


It's gratifyingly large-scale, with some striking watery images; the opening underwater sequence, of pearl fishers swimming slowly down from the flies, for instance, is unforgettable.


The Pearl Fishers, ENO


"Hester Campbell  'Bettie Blue'  is a talented young dancer"

Moulin Blue Cabaret



​"There is a suitable sinuous performance from Hester Campbell’s White Cat, even though devoid of whiskers and flaunting baubles around a wrist she is definitively feline."

The Children's Opera


Anna Nicole, Royal Opera 2014
The Pearl Fishers, English National Opera at the Coliseum 2014
"....beginning with a beguiling underwater sequence in which pearl fishers, viewed through a gauzy screen, dive and swim, digitally-generated air bubbles trailing their lithe, fluid bodies (in fact, actors suspended on harnesses)."
"....A rolling silk portrays the harbour waters on which a small diving skiff dips to and fro, and the exquisite beauty of the village built on the rocks, visible by its tiny lights during the night, contrasts with the poverty of the material world."
La Traviata, Royal Opera 2011-2012

ShowReal 2009

‘brave and bold, Lapsus Corpi take you to that special place where true conceptual intelligence meets a refreshing sense of performance fun'

(Eva Martinez, Southbank Centre Dance and Performance Programmer)