CircusFit Teacher Trainings 2015

This evening has been the first moment of reflection so far this year. Tomorrow is the first Saturday in 3 weeks that I will be spending with my daughter (and 25 other 4 year olds at a birthday party). Needless to say 2015 has been full steam ahead. I wanted to blog about the 2015 trainings, but there is something more personal I want to share first!

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Nothing worth doing in life is easy to come by. That is pretty much my thought of the day!

I remember reading in one of my many pregnancy/birthing books when Wren was close to making an appearance, that 'labour' is called as such because it is HARD WORK. Labouring in child birth is really, really tough, exhausting. I definitely wanted to quit after about 20 hours. The point of it being a difficult process is to prepare us for what comes next. The next part is not easy at all, and so that labour is a rite of passage, to make us strong enough to over come the obstacles ahead. I remember reading women's birth stories, and hearing similar stories from friends, to the effect of: I did it! Now I know I can do anything!

What has this got to do with aerial fitness? Well I'm sure you can draw comparisons to the hard work and the gains, and the feeling of accomplishment, but actually I just wanted to acknowledge that lots of things in life are really really hard. Making ends meet, paying bills, living in a big over-crowded city, being far away from family and friends, knowing what you want to be when you grow up, finding opportuni ties to do the things that makes you feel happy, falling in love, being in a relationship, having a family. Its all difficult and full of challenges.

I don't have any answers but I feel so humbled and blessed to know nice human beings that are kind enough to be my friends, to listen to me, to give me a hug, to dry my eyes when I've had a cry, and above all kind enough to care. Even more remarkable is when a stranger has shown me kindness and care.

Human kindness really is the best thing ever, I don't think any of us can strive to achieve anything better than that.

I was honoured to be taught by Serenity Smith Forchion from Nimble Arts and New England School of Circus Arts in the first week of January. I spent 7 days in a big studio at the Falmer Sports Centre in Brighton. I had forgotten how HARD full time aerial training is on your body. Its been 3 years since I trained 8 hours a day, every day, and for the first 3 days my body, in particular my hands hated me. Then I experienced a new wave of energy and revelled in the wonderfully privileged situation I was in. There were 24 on our course, all of us teachers, there to learn how to be BETTER teachers. We all took care of each other, many of us had physical challenges or injuries, and we kept each other safe whilst dangling from the ceiling.

I'm sure that somebody reading this will understand what a privilege it is to have the trust of students, of other humans, and be able to impart some knowledge to them, and then receive their thanks in return. My passion for fitness/dance/performance is purely to do with that level of human interaction. Its the best!

So that brings me on to trainings. There is a growing movement up and down the country and all around Europe, of people coming together to train in aerials. It can be difficult, challenging, frustrating, but the sense of achievement when you overcome a personal obstacle really is fantastic. Some of my clients have tried for weeks or months to pluck up the courage to try an Aerial Yoga class. They finally arrive and are nervous and scared... and then... they do something they never thought they could do :-)

Just today I met a lovely girl, with lots of nervous energy, who had arrived to take part in her first ever Aerial Pilates class. She looked up at the hammocks and said "aren't they beautiful". She giggled her way through some parts of the class that she found challenging, and while I was packing up and chatting to people she was quietly and mindfully taking her own time to stretch on a mat. She was the very last to leave, and before she went, said to me: "I never thought I could ever do anything like that. "

I always make a point to especially congratulate all my newbies at then end of every class. Its scary to try something new. Its hard to put yourself out of your comfort zone. Its difficult to learn new skills and ways of moving. But if you do, and you feel successful, elation!!

I am very grateful to all the instructors who put their faith in me and trained to be CircusFit Aerial Yoga Teachers in 2014. And I am nervous about the year ahead!! I am trying to do a lot in a relatively short space of time. So thank you to everybody who has already listened to me moan, complain, or weep, and rest assured, I'll need you this year!!


"The circusfit aerial yoga instructor course was more than I could have hoped for! Hester is a wonderful and kind person who made us all feel like friends as soon as walked in the studio. The course was thorough and most definitely fun, and I am looking forward to bringing the wonders of aerial yoga to my home town. On top of all of that, the full weekend of aerial yoga left me feeling amazing, and about 2 inches lower in my splits!! Hooray! Thanks Hester!"

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