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Last weekend was a very special event for a dear friend, who I have known for 10 years. This close friend of mine is getting married next month and I was entrusted with the role of Maid of Honour!! When she asked me last year, I cried. I have never been asked to be a Maid of Honour before, and was so throroughly flattered that I became quite emotional. It is a real privilege to be invloved in a loved ones big day, and I felt like a very sacred trust had been placed on me!!

As a girl will only have one big send off in her life, the Hen was a pretty big deal, and I naturally felt the pressure to get it right. My friend and I became very close back in dance school, probably because we were both fitness fanatics and liked to train hard, alongside our dancing. This talented friend has been a competition athlete for some time, and always kept up a gruelling training regime whilst also becoming a professional dancer. So I took a gamble, and decided that thrown into the weekend should be an opportunity for her and the other hens to hang upside and test their aerial abilities. I knew the bride would love to do something athletic, but I wasn't 100% sure about her guests... I just hoped for the best! I have seen so many satisified people, after one short class in which they try something new, possibly scary, definitely out of the ordinary, and were left with a real sense of achievement.

I was encouraged by the fact I had hosted a successful CircusFit Flyers party, for a group of 15 year olds two months previously. Excitable 15 year olds probably have alot in comman with excitable women at a hen party, nevertheless both parties were amazingly calm and an absolute joy to teach. So much so that I wanted to share it with you!!

All special occasions have a guest of honour, and it makes total sense that the guest of honour at each party was the star of the show (as it should be!) In both cases it was said guest of honours first time on a trapeze, aerial hoop, (and all other aerial apparatus) yet it all came so naturally, they were showing off in no time and delighting their guests with skill, grace and showman-ship!!!

The real delight was seeing the other party guests have such a satisfying time, as each of them achieved things they had never done before. Even the guests who were nervous, who didn't know what to expect and felt some anxiety beforehand (one guest declared "no photos are allowed!") left the session happy and beaming, feeling successful!! The 1 hour class turned into 2 hours!! Time flies when you're having fun :-)

Thanks so much to my dear friend for trusting me with her big weekend, and to all her guests who gave such committment and focus, and for letting go and being playful. It was a weekend to remember always xxx

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