Ante-natal Aerial Yoga! Brand new Teacher Training course from CircusFit

This is a great opportunity for you to expand your aerial classes to meet the needs of your pregnant clients...

I am now 26 weeks pregnant and spent this week at the Osteopath, for cranial/sacral work to re-align my pelvis, with the midwife for my 25+ week check, and with my two beautiful pregnant friends! Arriving at the end of the second trimester, I can feel a shift towards focusing on the baby and birthing, and everything else around me is starting to take a back seat.

Just like my first pregnancy I have been suffering from Pelvic Girdle Pain. For those of you who aren't familiar with PGP, as pregnancy continues and ligaments change to become more malleable in preparation for labour, the female pelvis becomes unstable. Walking, turning, climbing stairs, and changing position while sleeping, all become very painful and very difficult.

It was frustrating for me at 16 weeks pregnant, to begin experiencing these symptoms. I had been signed off from teaching full time classes due to complications since my 12th week of pregnancy, but I still hoped to be able to exercise for myself. As soon as I did anything weight bearing (lifting shopping, lifting my daughter, getting up from sitting on the floor) I would experience pain. Even stretching caused discomfort and deep pain. After doing some research I learnt these symptoms can become worse in each pregnancy. Some women are prone to PGP and others aren't. I have had years of mis-alignment in my pelvis (largely due to pronating arches of my feet, the high impact fitness classes I teach, and any asymmetrical movement sequences I was required to do as a professional dancer).

So over the summer I have been busy trying to figure out what movement is right for my pregnant body, what movement hurts my pregnant body, and what I can do to alleviate my pain symptoms!

After lots of practical trial and error, reading, research and conversations with specialist body work practitioners: physiotherapists, osteopaths, and myo-fascia release therapists, and midwives, I have come up with a movement system that I would love to share with you. I will be holding just one teacher training in Ante-natal Aerial Yoga this year: Saturday 10th October 2015 in Herts, UK. If you are interested in becoming a teacher please get in touch:

This is a programme that I am extremely passionate about because of my first-hand trials and tribulations :-) I have plenty to share with you, and I hope to work with some wonderful people who are equally passionate. If that sounds like you please get in touch.

In my home life, I am looking around the cramped flat thinking of any wonderful ideas that could magically double the space. I am a sentimental hoarder and find it impossible to throw away my 5 year old daughter's artwork, toys or books. Its coming to the crunch and time for something radical. Either that or an intervention. Right now there is a huge unpacked suitcase full of clothes from our 3.5 weeks away, waiting to be washed, piles of paperwork waiting to be filed, and drawers of receipts waiting to organised into a tax return!

I think the most important thing for any woman in pregnancy is to feel relaxed, safe, calm and enjoy the transistional time of growing a new life. Everything that the mother does, or experiences leaves an impression or memory on the growing child. My eldest has declared she is shy, and not interested in performing in front of audiences - perhaps that has been an adverse effect from my performing and dancing all through my pregnancy with her. Who knows!

We definitely have an imprint from the lives of our parents and ancesters, which is somehow ironed into our genes. Perhaps my eldest will continue to draw, paint, illustrate and fullfil the artistic potential that I had but never pursued into a career.

What I hope to impart to this new child is that there is calm, peace and tranquility in the world, that we are all apart of and can all tap into anytime. I hope this child will know that despite chaotic lifestyles, busy cities, and an online world that moves at lightspeed, life unfolds quietly before us. Birds sing, bees buzz, butterflies flit around. Flowers grow, trees sway and babies are born. What is so important to me about yoga is that it connects us to something ancient, a human wisdom that has survived, been preserved and passed on from teacher to student for thousands of years. The yoga way of being is to ultimately know, that there is bliss in everything. Experiencing that bliss in the smallest, most humble or mundane moments of life is like opening a gate to the most beautiful, extraordinary garden. When I meditate (which may only be for a few brief seconds) my worries melt and there is only happiness.

What I hope to share with the Ante-natal Aerial Yoga programme is a feeling of support and connection, for all women who are experiencing the miracle that is conception, pregnancy, and birth. These women are a living miracle, and within them is the magic and the secret of creation!!! I think that is pretty darn cool :-)

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