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"The circusfit aerial yoga instructor course was more than I could have hoped for! Hester is a wonderful and kind person who made us all feel like friends as soon as walked in the studio. The course was thorough and most definitely fun, and I am looking forward to bringing the wonders of aerial yoga to my home town. On top of all of that, the full weekend of aerial yoga left me feeling amazing, and about 2 inches lower in my splits!! Hooray! Thanks Hester!" Herts, December 8, 2014


"The course was inspirational, motivational and left me feeling ready to pass on my new skills and knowledge to other students. Thanks so much for the constructive feedback given during the course and assessment. Wishing all the best for the continuation of the course and great to see that teachers are being certified internationally. Gx" London, December 7, 2014

"I cannot recommend this course enough. Through excellent teaching Hester gave us an amazing base to stand on and build from to develop a fun, challenging and relaxing class suitable for all levels. I really enjoyed the group dynamics and teaching each other and learning from the different backgrounds of the people attending the course. And with a star teacher on top of that these were some of the best days I have spent flying. I can't wait until the next one xxx" November 26 at 9:57pm


"Hello ladies and gents. As most of u who know me I'm qualified as a pole dance instructor at Ecole de Pole and now a certified Aerial Yoga instructor through CircusFit London. If you have an aerial arts or strong pilates/yoga background as a teacher or student, and looking to expand your discipline, I highly recommend these courses which are maticulously put together and delivered by Hester Montgomery Campbell. The course content both written and practical is first class in all respects. Hester ensures the highest level of training and instilled all her participants with the skills and confidence they need to go out and share this amazing form of exercise with their students. I can't wait to continue my training program with her. Watch this space" November 17 at 5:51pm 


"Thank u Hester for being such a great teacher and person, supported us though this fun and exiting journey, also introducing us to all these wonderful ladies! #feelsoblessed Xx" Marisa, London, November 10 at 11:40am


"Thank you for being so amazing and such a great inspiration! So happy to have met you and the other girls! Feels like we have a new little family" Alex, London, November 10th, 9:23pm  


"Best weekend ever" Alexandra, London, November 9 at 10:51pm 


"Reflecting on one of the best wkends I've had this year. Feeling so so blessed (...) the real cherry on top was successfully completing my Aerial Yoga Instructor Training course with the outstanding Hester Montgomery Campbell. As well as opening doors for me in the fitness industry, through Hester's guidance and support I have qualified in teaching something that I believe in and I could not have asked for a better teacher. I have a lot more to learn and need to get practical experience, but this is the start of a wonderful journey and I cannot wait to work with you again. Thank you to the ladies who brought their beautiful energy to our class each week - bankers, actresses, professional dancers, pilates and yoga teachers, aerialists - you have inspired and taught me so much (...) BIG LOVE to ya girlies xx" Issima, London, November 9


"Thank you so much Hester... you, your awesome work and the other ladies on the course are so flippin' cool. Being surrounded by talented, driven, caring, inspiring people like you makes life better (...and sometimes I feel like I'm batman #bonus!)" Rebecca, London October 27 at 9:03am 


"You are absolutely amazing! Such a pleasure to meet you!" Bizzie, London, October 27 at 8:30am


"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. Can't wait until the next one xx" Alex, London, October 27 at 8:44am


"How do you come down after six hours of trapeze, silks, ropes and hammock hanging - amazing two days of (CircusFit) aerial teacher training! Thank you lovely Hester" October 26 at 5:59pm


"Thank you so much for the course this weekend. I absolutely loved it and am so thankful to you for passing on your knowledge and skills. I love being in the hammock and am really grateful now that I can practice at my leisure, knowing the basics, instead of learning from a book!" 21st February 2015


"I loved it and you are a wonderful teacher and person. Thank you very much!!!!!" 23rd February 2015


"[Learnt most from the] teaching practice, listening to how people teach and having a go and learning from my mistakes" 21st February 2015


"Outstanding.... Hester your knowledge & skill is inspiring"  22nd February 2015